Consideration for changing the default port of default SQL instance on Multi-subnet Failover Cluster

Security Hardening or Security Audits in an enterprise are some of the motivation for DBAs to run SQL Server default instance on a non-default port. For standalone instances, there are no challenges in changing the default instance port to non-default … Continue reading

Gotcha – Listening SQL Server Availability Group Listener on non-default port

While configuring SQL Server AlwaysON Availability Groups, as a part of security hardening practice it is recommended  to configure Availability Group to listen on a non-default port other than 1433. However the moment you configure your Availability Group Listener on … Continue reading

Considerations for Configuring Log Shipping for a cross-domain clustered instance of SQL Server over a Firewall

Last week, one of my customers had engaged me for consulting to configure Log Shipping on clustered instance of SQL Servers which are running in different domains. In other words, the primary and secondary servers are in different domains. While … Continue reading