Long Blocking Chain Caused due to Compile Locks

Recently one of my customers were not able to achieve the desired throughput (transactions per sec) from their Java based OLTP application which is used to pump the data load in sql database To identify the performance issue, we had … Continue reading

SQL Consolidation Considerations !!!

In modern times, with current focus of most organizations on saving costs by means of virtualization and consolidations., It becomes increasingly important for DBAs to ensure that help organization achieve this objective without compromising on the performance, scalability, availability & … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Non-Buffer Latch Contention: LATCH_XX

Latches are lightweight synchronization primitives that are used by the SQL Server engine to guarantee consistency of in-memory structures including; index, data pages and internal structures Latch waits are one of the possible causes of slowness in SQL Server which … Continue reading