Considerations for Configuring Log Shipping for a cross-domain clustered instance of SQL Server over a Firewall

Last week, one of my customers had engaged me for consulting to configure Log Shipping on clustered instance of SQL Servers which are running in different domains. In other words, the primary and secondary servers are in different domains. While … Continue reading

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Following are links to my blog post on Hope you find them useful Does Parallel Plan for rebuild index impact the fragmentation of index? Parikshit Savjani Premier Field Engineer

Did you know… The applications like Infopath may fail to submit data into table in SQL Server if the table is included in Merge replication

You are able to submit the data in the table using the application like InfoPath 2007 but when you go ahead and add the table in the Merge Replication Publication, the insert into the table using the InfoPath form starts … Continue reading